April Hammock Studio

Artist Statements

“Psyche Trope”


How one’s mind can potentially control the environment, and the effects the environment has upon one’s mind, is a major focus with this series of works. I suggest this through fragmented, mutated, cloaked figures, accompanied with anthropomorphic imagery. Interlocking spaces and forms hints at the interchangeability of time and space.

Though, in the past, my work has been influenced greatly by the abstractionists – Baziotes, De Kooning, Kandinsky, Kline, Matta, Pollock, and Rothenberg – recently I’ve been investigating them more critically regarding their psychological connections to color and space.




What we do and how our surroundings act impact the ebb and flow of  life as we know it.  Short excerpts from old myths, poems and songs have also influenced this body of work. The rise and fall of things, both small and great, such as a sun rising to a drop penetrating a small pond. Images embedded within comprised layers of colors. Moving landscapes expressing the inevitable flux of time.

“Circadian Series”


I’ve been focusing on the influences how the rising and setting of the sun/moon affect the environment. And, how in turn the environment responds to the orbital pull of them. I like to delineate nature’s response to the circadian rhythm, near to far.

 “Splintered World”


I have  been working with a series of artworks that contemplate the ideas of the dualities of macrocosm and microcosm, chaos and order, adaptation and extinction, resistance and acceptance as well as the nature of the raw human self.  The animistic forms and visual episodes depicted in my works allegorically represent how one is constantly redefining his/her sense of self and belonging in our globalized, systematic and ever-changing world.   My paintings mainly consist of acrylics that incorporate drawing media and collage.

“Happy, Scary and Obscure”


Manifestations from subconscious states are what dominate my current body of work.   I approach my paintings in an exploratory manner.   This process allows me to create unexpected visual episodes similar to what I experience from dreams.

“Motion and Space”


Environmental changes, metaphysics, notion of presence, animism, and mind/matter dualism have influenced my recent art works.  My work focuses on form and spaces intertwining, breaking apart and building, the ambiguity between interior and exterior spaces, and the acknowledgment that things are always moving and transcending.